HTC One Mini M8 (2014) Rumors Begin

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New HTC One M8 Mini 2014The just released HTC One (M8) has attracted the public’s attention for a long time, but its smaller relative hasn’t been forgotten either. Just like it happened last year, HTC will offer a more affordable variant of the HTC One (M8). With the HTC One (M8) now released, it was time for its smaller relative to take its place, and be the subject of numerous rumors, one of them being that it will be called the HTC One Mini or HTC One (M8) Mini.

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If what leaker @evleaks is saying is true, then there is not 1 but  2 HTC One (M8) variants on the way. One called the HTC M8 Mini and the other one called HTC M8 Ace. There was no news about the Ace version, but the Mini version has been rumored for months. At the moment, there is no official data about the specs of any of the above mentioned versions. If the upcoming HTC M8 Mini will resemble the last year’s Mini model, then users can expect a design brushed with aluminium, no dual-cameras, and a price of about $349 without contract.

When this device gets released, it will have to confront some serious competition: Xperia Z1 Combat, Moto DROID Mini, Galaxy S4 Mini. The original Mini version came a couple of months later after the release of the HTC One, so it’s reasonable to expect a time frame like that this year too.

If you’re one of those users who are avoiding the new HTC One (M8) because of its big 5-inch screen, then you should wait until the HTC M8 Mini is announced, maybe that version, which has a smaller screen will satisfy you.

How do you imagine the HTC One M8 Mini handset, and how long do you think it will take until some data appears about its specs? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.