HTC One (M8) is Better than Samsung Galaxy S5: Leaked Document Dictates

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HTC One M8 2014One of HTC One (M8)’s training documents, that is usually given to sales representatives on how to promote the device, has been leaked. The document reveals that HTC was most scared of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which comes directly in competition with its HTC One (M8), and that resulted in HTC giving 5 reasons on why their device is better than the Galaxy S5.

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The first one is “metal beats plastic”, which obviously refers to the fact that Samsung decided to use plastic for its Galaxy S5, while HTC went with metal. Some other reasons revolve around the fact that the new HTC One (M8) has Boom Speakers, which are 25% louder than those of the previous model. The third reason listed by HTC is Motion Launch, which is basically support for one-handed use (the user may open apps with just a single swipe). Next we have the Duo camera, which is capable of adding effects before or after a picture is taken, all of that while Ufocus gives the user the choice to decide on which spot of the photo to focus. The last reason is: with HTC Advantage, users may replace their cracked screen for free, withing the 6 months of buying their smartphone.

Here’s an actual quote:

“While Samsung was content to stick with a plastic body for their phone, we pushed ourselves further with even more metal on the M8.”-HTC

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Other pages of the document were created for listing other features that probably every salesman in the world knows already. But one last important feature is the ability to pause and go when filming, so basically, the user can stop filming at a point, and then later continue filming from where it left off.

If you’ve already bought the HTC One (M8) or if you are planning to buy it, it’s a sure thing that the representative tried to use some of the above reasons to convince you to buy the device.

What do you think about the reasons listed by HTC? Does it beat the Samsung Galaxy S5? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

source: HTCSource