HTC One M8 2014: Price and Release Date

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New HTC One 2014The HTC One M8 2014 has finally been unveiled in all its glory and it is exactly how the earlier leaks portrayed it to be. Here is a roundup for New HTC One 2014’s price, tech specs and release date.

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Price and Release Date

During the launch event, HTC said that the new HTC One M8 is going to be their biggest product launch till date, and we definitely agree with them.

Depending upon the carrier of your choice, the New HTC One 2014 could set you back by a price of $199 to $249. Just to make things a lot easier for you, we have listed out all the deals and pricing details for the HTC One 2014 on all 4 major US carriers as well as for the unlocked, developer edition and Google Play edition.


Thanks to its in-store exclusive availability through April 9, Verizon is currently your only bet if you want to your hands on the New HTC One 2014 right at this very minute. These folks are selling the 16GB variant of the device for $199 and while the 32GB variant is priced at $249. A Verizon branded unlocked HTC One M8 is also available for $649. As an introductory offer, for a limited time customers will be able to buy a HTC One M8 and get a another HTC One M8 for free, given that they are ready to sign another contract with the carrier.

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AT&T and Sprint

AT&T and Sprint online sales for the New HTC One 2014 have also started, however, the handset won’t be releasing on the brick and mortar stores of either of the carrier until April 11. Except for Verizon’s introductory buy-one-get-one offer (BOGO), New HTC One 2014 pricing details are exactly the same on both the networks.


It has now been confirmed that T-Mobile will be selling the New One in stores as well as on their physical stores starting April 11. Pricing hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but according to speculations, you will be able to buy a T-Mobile new HTC One by paying no upfront fee given that you are ready to sign a contract which sets you back by $26.50 for 24 months.

Unlocked, Developer Edition and Google Play Edition

While it is not available just yet, HTC has confirmed that it will be selling the unlocked and as well as developer edition of the New HTC One 2014 on their official website for $649 in the coming few days. Google has already started selling the Google Play edition of the device for a hefty price tag of $699.