HTC One Android 4.3 Update Firmware Leaked, Minor Changes Coming

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HTC OneHTC has recently announced plans to update US versions of the HTC One to Android 4.3 by the end of next month, and today we’ve seen a leak of the latest Sense 5-based build. ROM maker LlabTooFeR has released a slightly modified version of the software over at XDA, and has said that he’ll release the full, official firmware on August 28th.

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The ROM, called Maximus HD 12 is based on the new version, which is of course built on Android 4.3. The firmware version in this case is 3.09.401.1, and there’s not a tremendous amount of changes to be found in this version.

The main one is that you can now use your own music for video highlights – a welcome change from the stock music that comes with the phone. Sense will also automatically sync the video reel with the beat of the music, which is a feature which we first saw on the HTC One Mini.

Other than that, there are a few minor bits and pieces. There’s a new Task Manager app as well as a shortcut to the Data Usage panel. For those who use WiFi hotpsots regularly, there’s now an app drawer shortcut for that too. Additionally there are the standard changes that come with the latest flavour of Jelly Bean, including passive WiFi scanning for location services and OpenGL ES 3.0.

Although we’re yet to test out the build, users are reporting smoother and more responsive animations as well.

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So there’s nothing massive here, but it’s nice to see HTC finally taking the initiative with its update program – something it has been heavily slated for in recent months. Please bear in mind that the ROM is based on a pre-release build, and so there’s no guarantee it’ll be stable enough for everyday use. As you well know, you should backup your current setup before flashing.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are rumours of some more features being in the works – specifically new BlinkFeed options. It’s early days for this firmware, so we could well see some more interesting changes soon.

Get flashing, and let us know how it is!

ROM link: [XDA-developers]