How To Root Moto X – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Rogers, US Cellular

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Motorola Moto XIt has not even been a month since the Moto X hit the shelves but it seems like the folks over at XDA just couldn’t help themselves from rooting this beautiful piece of technology. As the tile suggests, this root method is applicable on all carrier versions of Moto X, so you don’t actually need to take the pain of checking compatibility of this root guide with your device.

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Step 1: Download the rooting app for your Moto X from the links given below.

Step 2: Make sure that USB Debugging is checked under Developer Options in Settings, now connect your Moto X to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: Now install the rooting app downloaded in the first step by running the following code on cmd.

adb install -r filename

Moto XMake sure to replace, ‘filename’ with the name of the file you downloaded earlier. For example, if you downloaded the root app for a Verizon branded Moto X then the file name would be “MotoRoot-1-vzw.apk for Verizon”.

Step 4: Disconnect your phone and run the root app you just installed in the previous step.

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Step 5: Install SuperSU app from Play Store for easy management of super user apps.

Step 6: Enjoy your now rooted Moto X phone.

As you might already know, rooting is more or less, the ability to assigning administrator rights to an app. In simple words, if you are a first time Android user and don’t know the risks and consequences of giving super user permissions to an app then going down the hackery road might not be the safest route for you. However, the case completely changes if you are an advanced Android user since rooting your device becomes more of a necessity than a luxury for you.

Make sure to brag in the comments section when you are done rooting your Moto X. If you happen to have any trouble/doubts, then feel free to head over to the original XDA thread.

Source: XDA