How to Hide Photos, Videos, Files & Apps on Android

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Over the past decade, smartphones have become something that we carry with ourselves every day. They have become an integral part of our identity. Our phones house everything related to our life – from bank account information to our calendar.

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Our smartphones have also replaced our cameras, and have thus become the storehouse of our photos and videos as well. Individual users could have their reasons for hiding files, photos and other data, but it is essential for every Android user to know the options they have when it comes to hiding sensitive information on the phone.

Today, we will enumerate some easy methods to easily hide apps, photos and videos on Android smartphones. You can use these methods to ensure that your personal and work files are kept hidden from prying eyes. You can also use these methods to ensure that your kids don’t stumble upon apps that they don’t understand.

How to Hide Photos on your Android device

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Perhaps the most often asked question when it comes to smartphone security is “how do I hide some of my photos?” You might want to hide your photos when you give your phone to your friends. You also might want to hide some of your photos because you don’t want them to be seen by everyone.

Well, there are many apps out there which can easily perform this task, but our personal favorite continues to be KeepSafe. The app is well recommended and has also received the Editor’s Choice Award in the past.

What the app does is pretty straightforward. A virtual safe is created on your Android smartphone.  Inside this safe, you can hide your photos and other kinds of files. All the stored data will be encrypted and you can set a PIN or password for the files.

A lot of users use the app primarily to hide photos, but the app can be used to hide other files types as well. The app is free, but you can pay another $4.99 to access the premium features. These include that ability to hide the app icon itself and detect a break-in if someone types in the incorrect PIN.

Other similar apps include Gallery Lock and Vaulty. These provide a similar experience as KeepSafe.

How to hide files on your Android device

While some people primarily want to hide photos, some other may just want to hide sensitive work-related documents. The best suggestion to achieve this is File Hide Expert. Granted that the app does not have the prettiest interface, but it does what it advertises – and it does it perfectly.

It works essentially like a file manager. You can navigate through the various folders and select the files that you want to hide. It can work with photos as well, but it is a recommended tool for hiding files. Don’t forget to add a password in app settings. If you forget to add a password to your files, anyone will be able to open the app and see your hidden files.

Another app that goes by the name of Hide Files is popular choice. It can also effectively hide your files and photos, and offers a cleaner interface.

How to hide apps on your Android device

A lot of users might want to go ahead and hide an entire app itself. This could be an app they use for texting or dating. The best app in this category is App Lock. It has been around in the Play Store for a long time now. The app has also won many awards, and has four million reviews to its name.

You can lock any app, including FaceBook and WhatsApp. Furthermore, you can set a PIN, password, or even a fingerprint lock on the apps. This would certainly appeal to people who are using phones with fingerprint sensors.

App Lock is a versatile app that can hide apps, files as well as photos. The app is also capable of disabling installed bloatware on the phone. You can also disable the apps that you don’t use using the system settings on your phone.

For users who don’t want to install any app to hide files, here is quick tip. If you rename the concerned file using any file manager, and just add ‘.’ (period) right before the name of the file, it won’t be easy for someone to find the file. This is because the operating system will effectively ignore the existence of the file.

Final Word

There is no doubt that there are a lot of options out there for people who want to protect their content from others. It is also recommended that you use a system wide security option such a fingerprint, PIN or password.