Google Chromecast Black Friday Deal: Priced at $29 on Amazon and Best Buy

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Chromecast Black Friday DealGoogle’s Chromecast might not be the most popular device out there but that doesn’t make it any less worthy. Thanks to the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Chromecast is now available for a discounted price of just $29 from Amazon and Best Buy. To make this deal even more interesting, you still get the free $6 Google Play credit.

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Google Chromecast Black Friday Deal by Best Buy and Amazon

Granted, that the Chromecast is still in early stages and does not seem to have a lot of apps available on the Play Store, it still is a pretty good buy if you are ready to shell out a few extra bucks on apps like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Pandora. We are pretty sure that if you are a regular user of the above mentioned services, you are not to going to have a hard time justifying the price, however, in case if you don’t happen to be a regular user, well then maybe it is time to get some new experiences?

Best BuyBest Buy is offering free shipping of Chromecast for all its customers, however, Amazon seems to offer this benefit only to its “Prime members”. Neither of the retailers have mentioned an end date for this sale, but it is only the most logical thing to assume that the offer will last till Amazon and Best Buy run out of stock.

We are no market analysts but it doesn’t take a college degree to know that the Chromecast sales are going to get a boost around the Christmas season. So if you plan to pickup one of these now, better do it quick, because knowing how Google is, we don’t expect a lot of Chromecast stock in stores.

EDIT: We forgot to mention one little detail. Best Buy seems to be honoring this sale price only on online orders. This essentially means that their brick and mortar stores will still sell the Chromecast at the usual rates.

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Source: Amazon and Best Buy