Galaxy Note 7 v iPhone 7 Plus/Pro: The battle of the year?

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iPhone 7 Plus v Galaxy Note 7Apple iPhone 7 Plus/Pro is scheduled to debut along with iPhone 7 in September. Meanwhile, Samsung has unveiled its phablet for 2016 — the Galaxy Note 7. The best offerings from the two leaders of the smartphone world: but who takes the cake?

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Keep in mind that no official details have been released for the iPhone 7 Plus, but thanks to a bunch of leaks and Apple’s predictable game plan, we have a pretty clear idea of the road the iPhone 7 Plus will take. The Galaxy Note 7 will be available for the customers soon — and is already being termed as one of the best smartphones ever made by Samsung.

Keeping all this in mind, let’s jump into this comparison between the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 v iPhone 7 Plus — Absolute Specs

iPhone 7 Plus v Galaxy Note 7 Camera

The Galaxy Note 7 sports a 5.7”, Super AMOLED QHD Display, protected by Gorilla Glass 5. It offers 64GB of on-board storage, expandable to 256GB via microSD card. The main SoC is Exynos 8890, coupled with 4GB of RAM. The rear camera is a 12MP sensor and the front one is a 5MP one. Additionally, the phone features IP68 water and dust proofing, S-Pen Stylus, a fingerprint scanner and an Iris Scanner.

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On the Apple side of things, iPhone 7 Plus is likely to boast a 5.5” QHD display, up from Apple’s Retina Display. 16GB storage option will be removed — the base model will now have 32GB of storage. CPU is expected to be A10, along with 3GB of RAM. Obviously, there will be an M10 motion co-processor as well. The Rear camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to be dual lens setup, and the front camera is expected to be 5MP (wide angle).

Galaxy Note 7 v iPhone 7 Plus — Other features

iPhone 7 Plus v Galaxy Note 7 Display

The iPhone 7 is expected to come with a smart connector, which was previously seen on the iPad Pro. This connector enables you to connect accessories like keyboard, and its ability could very well be extended to wireless charging. If a physical keyboard is indeed made available for the iPhone 7 Plus, many power users will be looking its way.

On Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you get an improved S-Pen, which is now capable of a number of new functions. Further, you get introduced to the Iris Scanning — you can read our full article on the Iris Scanner here:

Although iPhone 7 is less likely to feature waterproofing, it is definitely on the cards. As mentioned earlier, Galaxy Note 7 is water and dust proof.

Galaxy Note 7 v iPhone 7 Plus — Display

iPhone 7 models

If all the reports are to be believed, iPhone 7 Plus will have a 5.5in QHD Display (up from Retina), protected by Gorilla Glass 5 — this is exactly the same as the new Note 7. However, Note 7’s display is a little bigger, at 5.7”. Further, iPhone 7 Plus will definitely feature Force Touch.

Galaxy Note 7 v iPhone 7 Plus — Camera

As of right now, the Note 7’s camera module (which is the same as the S7’s sensor) is probably the best on the market — the photos are detailed, saturated just right, and the colors are punchy. The low light performance is excellent. It is almost certain that Apple will be highlighting iPhone 7 Plus’s ability in the imaging department as its strongest suit. The iPhone 7 Plus is likely to feature a dual lens camera setup, which in itself will bring a number of nifty features.

Galaxy Note 7 Camera


The iPhone 7 Plus is still a month away. When the specs become official and we have our first hands-on experience, it will be much clearer which phablet takes the cake. Keep in mind that your choice out of one of these should be inspired by which operating system you prefer: iOS or Android.