Dropbox vs Microsoft OneDrive: Which cloud storage should you use

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Cloud-based technology is something that is prevalent right now. All of us prefer saving all our files and photos online rather than keeping them on our devices’ local storage. In the race to become the best Cloud storage option available, a number of Cloud services have ceased to exist.

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However, numerous names have stayed around and continue to improve their performance. Microsoft’s OneDrive and DropBox are two such names. Both of these services offer their own set of features to the consumers.

OneDrive plays the pitch that it is integrated more deeply with Microsoft Office and can act as the central database for all your documents. Dropbox is continuously updated with new features and has a much simple and straightforward interface.

In this article, we will compare the two big names in Cloud storage: Dropbox and OneDrive.

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Apps and Syncing — Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is very well integrated into Windows 10. You can get desktop app experience in older versions of Windows as well, such as Windows 7. Apart from that, you can also access your files on the web. Microsoft has also invested a lot of time and money in the development of iOS and Android OneDrive apps.

Once you install the app on whatever platform you are using, you will see a folder termed OneDrive. This folder is the gateway to online storage on OneDrive. Anything that you move to this folder will be uploaded to OneDrive.

On iPhone and Android, the files stored on your OneDrive are not downloaded automatically – this is to conserve local storage for more important tasks. You can browse through the files and download whatever you need.

Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are integrated deep into OneDrive. All your documents can be saved to your OneDrive and can be accessed from any integrated device. Furthermore, 100GB of extra storage can be redeemed by getting a subscription to Groove Music.

Apps and Syncing — Dropbox

The concept of uploading things to your Dropbox account is also similar. You get a single folder for everything you want to upload.

Dropbox also has fully integrated Android, iOS and Windows apps. The web interface is also functional in any browser. There is one thing that Dropbox does that OneDrive cannot – useful extensions. There are multiple extensions in OneDrive that let you do everything you want to do with your cloud storage, and that too with ease.

Do you want to instantly upload something to cloud with just one-click? There is an extension for that. You want to make a backup of your WordPress blog/website? Sure, you will get an extension for that. These extensions are absent in OneDrive, making a few simple tasks more cumbersome.

Collaboration — Dropbox

Sharing the files with other people and collaboration is another thing that is an evident focus for Dropbox. You can share your files using links that expire after a given amount of time. You can also get an old version of the file you have made changes to. If collaborative work is something you do often, Dropbox will be suitable for you.

Dropbox also has a useful feature called Smart Sync. What this essentially does is make all the files in your Cloud storage visible on your PC, without actually downloading them. So, you can see the thumbnails of the files you have stored in your Dropbox, but they are not taking the space on your notebook.

However, the downside is that Smart Sync requires a business subscription. If that was not the case, Dropbox would have emerged clearly ahead of Microsoft OneDrive.

You can also save your Microsoft Office documents on Dropbox, thanks to the deal that Microsoft has signed with Dropbox. Furthermore, Dropbox has its own version of word processor called Dropbox paper. This enables the users to share and do collaborative work on documents and presentations.

OneDrive vs Dropbox — Monthly Plans

Microsoft OneDrive has subscription plans linked to Microsoft Office 365. However, there is one plan that is exclusively for OneDrive cloud storage. Paying as low as $1.99 will get you 50GB of additional storage on your OneDrive account. This is additional to 5GB storage that everyone gets.

You can also purchase the license for Office 365. You can buy it for less than $7 a month if you are a single user.

Dropbox offers a meagre 2GB of free cloud storage. Dropbox Pro, which offers 1TB of online storage, will cost $8.25 or $9.99, depending on your payment plan.

You can find plans suitable to your needs in both Dropbox and OneDrive. Both the services offer powerful and cost effective options to choose from.

OneDrive vs Dropbox — Verdict

At the end of the day, your choice of cloud storage depends largely on your needs. An Office 365 subscription will cost you $7/month, and will get you 1TB of online storage on OneDrive. This is very economical and also meets the needs of those who a professional suite.

Dropbox is also a reliable name in cloud storage. It offers stunning collaborative tools and much wider support base. Dropbox app is available for most of the operating systems out there.