Best Xbox One Bundles Black Friday 2016 Deals: Walmart, Gamestop, Target, Costco

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Retailers Have Great Deals For The Xbox One On This Years Black FridayXbox One is one of the best gaming consoles on the market, and the fans are expecting some serious deals and discounts for the device on this year’s Black Friday. A lot of retailers such as Best Buy, Gamestop or Walmart are preparing the best offers for Microsoft’s console, and it seems like some of them are kind of interesting.

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Xbox One Bundles Will Get A Price Cut

Retailers Such As Costco Walmart Or Best Buy Have Big Discounts For The ConsoleXbox One and Play Station 4 are the most popular consoles, and it became a tradition to be sold along with some accessories on Black Friday. Each holiday, Microsoft and Sonny announce the discount for their console bundles, and this year on Black Friday, the price of the two gaming bundles are pretty decent. For the biggest shopping event of the year, the minimum discount for both bundles is $50, and you can find these deals at retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy or Gamestop. All these retailers are offering the Xbox One bundle which includes the 500 GB version of the console, accessories such as the wireless controller, cables and a free game which is Minecraft. The price for this bundle is $249 which is pretty decent. Costco’s deal on Xbox One bundles is a little bit different. The retailer offers an extra $10 price cut for the Xbox One bundle which means that the price will go down to $239.

Kohl Offers The Xbox Bundle For $175

Kohl’s discount for the bundle seems unreal. They offer the Xbox One bundle for only $175 including a $75 Kohl cash which the customers can spend on everything they want from the retailer’s store. Microsoft has an interesting offer too. ┬áTheir Xbox One bundle comes with a $25 gift card and an extra game. Also, Dell offers the Xbox One bundle but instead of the free Minecraft game, the customers will get the new Battlefield 1, Gears Of War 4 and an extra Xbox wireless controller for only $249. Target’s deal seems pretty impressive too. They offer the Xbox One bundle with either Minecraft or Battlefield 1 and also a $40 gift card.

These are just a few offers that you might see for the Xbox One on this year’s Black Friday. You should keep an eye on the offers in the upcoming week to see more deals and discounts. Which Xbox One Black Friday 2016 offers do you consider the best? Let us know in a comment below.