AT&T unlimited data plan: What is it, What is the price and should you buy it?

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AT&T has given in to the consumer pressure and finally released its own unlimited data plan. Although AT&T unlimited data plan has been available since a long time, you required a DirecTV subscription to access it.

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Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint – all are offering unlimited data plans. Now, AT&T has also jumped into the wagon. However, like other carriers, there are certain catches in AT&T’s unlimited plan as well. You should be aware of these catches before you switch to AT&T unlimited data plan.

Today, we explore how good the AT&T unlimited data plan is. We will take a look at catches in the AT&T unlimited data plan and if there are better alternatives out there.

What is AT&T Unlimited Data Plan?

As mentioned earlier, AT&T unlimited data plan has been around for some time. But, it was only a few days back that AT&T announced that anyone can now subscribe to it. You don’t need to have DirecTV to be able to purchase AT&T unlimited data plan.

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You don’t get any special discount if you purchase the single-line AT&T unlimited data plan. However, depending on your usage and the number of lines you have, you could save money with the AT&T unlimited plan.

What’s included in the AT&T unlimited plan?

There are several new things that will be provided if you switch to AT&T unlimited data plan. This included better connectivity options, including unlimited calls and texts to Canada and Mexico. The full list of benefits is as follows:

  • Unlimited data for all eligible devices
  • Unlimited calls and texts, including those to Mexico and Canada.
  • You can activate the Roam North America plan to use data, calls and texts in Canada and Mexico.
  • Stream Saver is activated by default. It essentially allows you to watch high-quality videos by using data equivalent to 480p streaming.

What’s the catch in AT&T unlimited plan?

There is a big catch with unlimited AT&T data plan. However, similar restrictions also exist with Verizon. As far as the ‘unlimited’ aspect goes, you don’t have to worry. The plan offers unlimited data. However, after a certain set-point, the speed of your internet will go drastically down.

AT&T has set this set point at 22GB. After using 22GB of data, the speed of your connection can be reduced, depending on the network traffic. If there is a lot of traffic on the network, you will be the first one to lose your speed.

Another feature that you will lose with AT&T unlimited plan is the ability to use your phone as a personal hotspot. This feature will now be limited to connection with cars. You will no longer be able to access internet on your tablet or PC using the mobile hotspot.

There are two smaller catches that AT&T has tried sneaking in. For example, the stream saver feature is turned on by default. You can stream your videos at higher resolution, but you need to toggle that feature on.

Further, North America roaming plan can be activated for free, but if you don’t activate it, you will have to incur heavy charges for using data or calls in Mexico or Canada.

Pricing of the AT&T unlimited plan

The pricing of the AT&T unlimited data plan is based on the number of lines you have. You don’t get a discount if you are using only one line. AT&T’s plan is the most expensive unlimited plan in the market right now.

  • 1 line $100
  • 2 lines $140
  • 3 lines $180
  • 4 lines $180 ($220 for first two months)

If you get four lines from AT&T unlimited data plan, the fourth line will be essentially without any cost. However, you need to pay $220 for the first two months to get the credit benefits.

Is AT&T unlimited plan a good deal?

If you absolutely must use AT&T and must have unlimited data available, you should purchase the unlimited data plan. However, if you have any choice with regards to network, you should probably choose some other network.

AT&T is charging $100/month for the unlimited data plan, while at the same time not giving the hotspot feature. This is significantly more than what T-Mobile or Verizon is charging for a similar plan. If the coverage is something you are worried about, you should go for Verizon unlimited data plan.

Verizon has a similar coverage area as AT&T, and the unlimited data plans are much cheaper. T-Mobile can also be an alternative for you if their network coverage meets your needs.