Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Release Delayed Again, To Feature Thinner Build

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MacBook Pro 2016 Will Be A Lot ThinnerApple MacBook Pro 2016 is Apple’s attempt to get ahead of the laptop competition and this year we can anticipate the MacBook Pro 2016. That anticipation is every diminishing due to the fact that the device has been delayed countless times already which puts a lot of negative thoughts into the minds of tech fans.

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Ming-Chi Kuo recently revealed that the MacBook Pro 2016 has been postponed (again) from Q3 2016 to Q4 in Apple’s latest set of bad news. It seems that the tech company wants to scrap the old design and go with a new one that will be thinner and lighter, and this may sound ridiculous to some people but that’s generally how business goes. The thing is they’ve already done this a couple of times and they lose customers every time they delay it. Apple is doing poorly enough in 2016 as it is, with investors fleeing AAPL which is why the tech company needs to make up its mind and come up with a quality device.

MacBook Pro 2016 New Design

Apple iPad Pro and Macbook AirAccording to the same analyst that revealed the delay, the MacBook Pro 2016 will have a new design with a thinner and lighter which some see it as bad news and others as good news. It’s good news because it will look awesome but it’s bad news because it will have to be dumbed down in terms of hardware. Battery life will have to suffer as a result among many things and Apple won’t be able to integrate more powerful hardware into the mix. Apple has always favored form over function but this needs to end.

What’s your feeling on the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016? Do you think Apple needs to focus on something else rather than making its devices thinner? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Source: ComputerWorld

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  1. Do not make Mac Book Classic at all like what happened when iPhone 7 will be released as iPhone 6S 2.0 which will be silent release.