Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod: iOS 7.1.2 Update Released, Battery Bug Still Not Solved?

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Apple iOS 7.1.2The much rumoured iOS 7.1.2 has finally been released by Apple. The update can be downloaded directly OTA or through iTunes on your iOS 7 compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod. As indicated by the minor increment in the version number, this isn’t a major update, so you shouldn’t expect too many things to change. However, for what it is worth, the update does bring in a handful of bug fixes and takes care of a few issues.

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iOS 7.1.2 update rollout begins for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod

Rumours of an iOS 7.1.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod first started surfacing back in June. Back then, every iDevice owner hoped that this update would finally fix the problems which emerged since they updated their device to iOS 7.1.1.

Ranging from unusually short battery life to stability issues, iPhone, iPad and iPod owners on iOS 7.1.1 have always complained how the new update did more harm to them than it did good. Even though, the official change log for iOS 7.1.2 does not address the battery related problems which arose after the iOS 7.1.1 update, it does mention fixing connectivity issues including the data transfer bug which was reportedly not playing well with 3rd party accessories. iOS 7.1.2 also fixes an issue which in connection with data protection of Mail attachments.

For the eligible iPhone devices, the iOS 7.1.2 update has a size of 32MB if downloaded OTA, whereas iPad users would have to download 30MB to get on the latest iOS. For those who’re interested in downloading the iOS 7.1.2 update via iTunes, be prepared to download a staggering 1.4GB build.

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Given that nothing specifically was mentioned in the iOS 7.1.2 change log regarding the battery drain issues, it is highly probably that Apple might address it in the upcoming iOS 8 update which is pegged for release in this fall.

We haven’t received the iOS 7.1.2 update on our iDevice arsenal just yet, so it is hard to comment whether the update brings in some issues of its own or not. However, we would love to know how your experience has been with the update in the comments’ section below.

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  1. After I updated to ios 7.1.2,I noticed that my battery begins to drain faster. Why is that? Can I go back to old ios?


  2. The new iOS is a disaster. I upgraded and found my battery rapidly draining, tried everything, called tech support and we went step by step through various avenues, problem wasn’t solved and he admitted that he didn’t know what to do. My iPad wouldn’t charge through the charger at all, I tested it with two and with three cables. Via the computer port the most it would charge is 2%.

    I’m writing this using my trusty, sturdy iPad one, since I give up on the iPad Air until Apple fixes this problem, which is widespread.

  3. I’m having the same issue as Jovs. My battery is draining faster now than it ever has. I was at 100% at 8:00 am and 39% by 12:30. Totally crazy battery sucking going on. I seriously don’t like this.

    And FYI, my son is a tester for the IOS 8 (beta)…. He says it is seriously draining his battery as well.

  4. Since I have updated my IPhone, none of my chargers will work. To make a charger work I have to turn my phone off then back on, then plug the charger into my phone. This is really frustrating!

  5. why can’t i upgrade my iPad to the new iOS? THe Software Update said that my software is up to date (5.1.1.) I’m using an original iPad, could you please tell me how to upgrade it? I really need Microsoft on my iPad but it said that i need iOS 7.1.1. or older.

    • Only certain iPad models are supported on iOS 7. The original iPad that you’re using ISN’T supported and so, you can’t update to iOS 7. In fact, you can’t update to anything past iOS 5.1.1 as that is the maximum software version that iPad supports. If you want an iPad running iOS 7, you’re going to have to get a new one. The hardware of the original iPad would be far too sluggish to handle iOS 7.

  6. I´ve had issues since I updated IOS 7.1.2, I don´t know what to do. The problem is that battery is working perfectly well when I´m using airplane mode letting my battery run down but when I insert my pin code I have to plug the charger into my iphone to make sure my iphone will be working at least during my calls time. Unless I do so, it´ll shut off again and again at any time. It´s unbelievable how they can make people pay money for fixing problems that they cause. PS: Don´t try to get through to apple support, you´ll be said to pay for fixing it after not being under guarantee even though you didn´t cause the issue. They don´t assume their responsibility either.

  7. The IPad Air was a disaster from the beginning. It is slow, very slow and it has great difficulty getting on the net. Downloading emails and opening websites are painful experiences. I swear by my old ipad. It’s heavier and has less storage space but it works like a dream. ( I have never updated it!) Apple what is wrong with you.

  8. i am very very annoyed. i have my iPhone 4 riiiiiiight next to me and its displaying a strange image. i cannot connect to iTunes. said phone is still plugged into my frinking computer. im stuck. it wont leave. i dont reccommmend the updates anyway, they do much more harm than good, and the bad reviews are staggering.

  9. I updated on Friday and here I am a week later with a phone that will not stay charged. Today is my 3 rd trip to the apple store. The last trip they set my phone back to factory which did nothing to help. Now their solution is to keep everything turned off . What good is this phone if I can’t use it . Any suggestion !

  10. Using a 5s, updated to iOS 7.1.2 two days ago and problems ever since, battery is draining very quickly i.e within 8 hours a full battery will be dead – this is with no use!!!! Re charge is very, very slow . Have tried all the things forum suggests and still no use.

    Have had to many problems with apple updates, never thought I would say this but when my contract is up will have to look at changing companies. Sorry guys just so frustrated with these updates!.