Apple iPhone 8: Top 5 Concept Images

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As 2017 progresses, we continue to hear more and more rumors about iPhone 8. iPhone 8, the tenth anniversary iPhone, will reportedly bring many new features to the table. Based on the various rumors, a number of renders have also hit the internet.

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Note that these renders are not from Apple. Rather, they are from artists who have tried to portray their own vision of iPhone 8. All the iPhone 8 rumors have been combined to give rise to these renders. Some of these renders may feature designs that are just imaginary, while others are more realistic and based on reliable rumors.

Below we take a look at some of the best iPhone 8 renders and concept images out there. New and better renders will come out as we move towards September 2017 – because that is when the tenth-anniversary edition iPhone is supposed to debut.


iPhone 8 — imagined by Thadeu Brandão

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This is a very impressive concept model of iPhone 8. The renders have been created by Thadeu Brandao. A variety of new features reported to be a part of iPhone 8 have been shown in the rendered images.

iPhone 8 is rumored to make the transition to glass back with metal frames on the side, much like the iPhone 4. We have discussed the design of the iPhone 8 in detail in this article. This concept tries to portray what the iPhone 8 with the design of iPhone 4 could look like.

Also, the bezels on the iPhone 8 will be much reduced, thus significantly increasing the screen size. The render also shows a home button that is part of the display itself, but the chances of that happening remain bleak.

iPhone 8 — imagined by Imran Taylor

Here is another realistic concept that focuses primarily on the design shift that Apple is reportedly going to take with iPhone 8. The name for this concept is iPhone X. Many reports are pointing out that this is a name that Apple is considering the for the tenth anniversary iPhone.

The concept consists of a flat design, with glass panels on both front and back. The design borrows heavily from the metal and glass design of iPhone 4. iPhone 4 had an absolutely iconic design, and if executed right, iPhone 8 could go on to become one of the best-looking smartphones yet.

Another key feature in this concept is the camera placement. Many rumors are also pointing out that the dual lens setup could be vertical in iPhone 8. This is in contrast to iPhone 7, where it was horizontal.

iPhone 8 — imagined by Moe Slah

This concept features a bezel-less display that extends from one edge of the iPhone 8 to the other. The display also features rounded edges – although the feature isn’t very prominent and may not make it into the iPhone 8.

The concept also has a virtual home button that can be repositioned to anywhere on the screen. Plus, the UI looks tremendously better and more functional.

Bezel-less display is a believable feature, but a new UI and a completely virtual home button are some things that are unlikely to be seen in the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 — imagined by Handy Abo Vergleich

This concept features a number of different design and UI elements that are unrealistic to expect from Apple at the moment.

The design language is pretty much the same as other renders. The iPhone 8 has a front and back panel made out of glass, and the edges of the phone are made out of aluminum. The iPhone 8, made out of glass and aluminum, has a very premium feel to it.

A larger OLED display and new colors are also features in this set of renders. Although this render also features an iris scanner, the possibility of iPhone 8 incorporating it are next to none.

iPhone 8 — imagined by iDropNews

iDropNews has taken a number of believable iPhone rumors and turned them into a very high quality concept image. Like many others, you get to see a bezel-less, OLED display that extends from one edge to another.

The concept also has a glass front and back. The home button is incorporated in the screen itself. This render also features an iris scanner, a feature that is unlikely to be a part of iPhone 8.


These are some of the best iPhone 8 renders out there right now. Expect more rumors to hit the web, and subsequently, new renders will also show up. Don’t forget to check back if you want to see new iPhone 8 renders!