Apple iOS 11 Release Date, Features, Supported Devices

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Apple iOS 11 is very far off, to say the least. Apple recently released the iOS 10.2.1 update, and the iOS 10.3 update is in beta stage. iOS 10.2.1 was a minor security and bug fix update, while iOS 10.3 is supposed to be bigger update.

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In this scenario, it is pretty evident that iOS 11 is still very months away. However, numerous sources have quoted the upcoming features in iOS 11. It is safe to assume that iOS 11 will be released before the debut of iPhone 8, or with it.

Let’s take a look at all the new features that are rumored to be in iOS 11. We will also discuss the potential release date and other related information about iOS 11.

iOS 11 Announcement

Apple has been debuting its latest iteration of mobile operating system at the WWDC for few years now. Therefore, it is safe to assume that iOS 11 will also be unveiled at WWDC 2017. Although the dates of the event are still unknown, it will reportedly be held in June.

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The dates of WWDC 2017 will be confirmed sometime in April, and once that happens, iOS 11 release date will be clear.

iOS 11 Beta

If the past few years are something to go by, Apple will release the iOS 11 for the beta program right after the conclusion of WWDC 2017. The update will be first made available for beta testers who have paid for the developer access. After that, the users in the free beta testing program will receive the iOS 11 beta update.

Apple’s free beta testing program lets anyone with an Apple ID test the newest mobile operating system on their devices. The users can install iOS 11 on their devices by participating in the free beta testing program and get a taste of the new features in iOS 11 way in advance.

iOS 11 Release Date

It is easy to predict when the final version of iOS 11 firmware will be rolled out to the public. Every year, with the new iPhone, Apple also starts rolling out the firmware update for other iOS devices.

This year, the update will be to iOS 11. You can expect iPhone 8, the tenth anniversary iPhone, to debut with iOS 11 installed.

Which devices will be supported?

As soon as the iOS 11 update is announced by Apple, users will start enquiring whether their iOS device will get the iOS 11 update. It is fairly easy to foresee whether your iOS device will get the update or not.

If you own one of the recently released iPhones or iPads, you should not worry. These devices include iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro or iPad Mini 4. Users of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 should not worry either.

Apple’s 2012 flagship, the iPhone 5, is unlikely to receive the iOS 11 update. iOS 9.3.5 was the last update to support iPhone 4S. Apple is expected to drop support for iPhone 5 with iOS 11. iPad Mini 2 is also unlikely to receive the iOS 11 update.

Devices like iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air should receive the update without any problems.

iOS 11 Update Information

Coming to all the information we have about the update itself, it is not much. There are a few reports about the addition of new features in iOS 11, but the credibility of the reports is not unquestionable.

Several reports suggest that with iOS 11, Apple will incorporate Group FaceTime in iPhones and iPads. This feature will reportedly allow users to make FaceTime group calls with up to five people in the group.

Reports also suggest that this feature will be directly accessible from Group Chats in Messages as well. Apple has been reportedly working on this new enhancement for a while now. The company could defer the release of this feature to later iOS 11 updates as well.

Multiple reports from developers also indicate that iOS could completely stop supporting 32-bit applications. Developers have been reportedly getting warning messages on their iOS 10.3 running device when trying to run 32-bit applications.

This warning says that the running application will not be compatible with future iOS firmwares. This is a strong indication that support for 32-bit apps could be dropped in iOS 11.