Angry Birds Go to be Plagued with In-App Purchases as High as $100?

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Angry-Birds-GoAngry Birds is a name that is hardly unknown. While the original version of the game was made available for free and ad-supported on Android, later installments in the series included minimal charges for their HD variants and a very few in-app purchases (Might Eagle, anyone?). However, it seems that Rovio has now taken in-app purchases to a whole new level with its upcoming Angry Birds Go, which features purchases that are as high as $100.

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Apparently, Angry Birds Go got an early “soft launch” earlier this week on iOS and while the game is scheduled for a world wide release on December 11th, an early hands-on by PocketGamer reveals that the game is plagued by in-app purchases that go as high as $100.

It seems that Rovio’s engineers have managed to stuff in every kind of IAP (in-app purchase) which was even remotely possible. For starters, Angry Birds Go has got the standard dual-currensy system for upgrades and kart purchases; coins and gems. Needless to say, the latter holds much more value than the former and can be bought with real world money.

As if this wasn’t irritable enough, Angry Birds Go has also got the typical “Real Racing 3” type time based waiting system. Of course, this time it is the bird which gets tired after every five races and you will either need to wait until the bird manages to catch its breath again or shell out a few Gems if you want to “re-energise” it instantaneously.

Rovio also included the Hasbro Telepod system of unlocking locked characters and bonuses after you buy Angry Birds merchandise from your local retailer. This system was originally introduced in Angry Birds Star Wars II and even though it wasn’t liked by most of the gaming community, it is believed that Rovio was still able to generate huge amount of profits from this scheme.

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The original report by PocketGamer lists about half a dozen things which could be (or need to be) purchased in the game. The most expensive of them being a cart which is priced at nothing less than £69.99 or $99.99.

I am not sure about you, but I am pretty sure that several gamers are not going to like the idea of IAP integrated this deep in a game like Angry Birds. It would definitely be interesting how many 1 star ratings Angry Birds Go manages to rack up when it eventually hits the Play Store and App Store on December 11th.

Source: PocketGamer