Android on iPhone: New Case Allows Google’s OS to Run on iPhone

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iPhone Case To Run AndroidiPhone devices usually run Apple’s iOS but have you ever wondered if Android can run on an iPhone? It can and it has. A recent case was revealed by developer Nick Lee that somehow makes Android run on the Apple flagship. The result is nothing short of amazing and proves the creativity of the tech community.

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The same developer that got a 3D printed iPhone case to run Android is the one that got Windows 95 working on an Apple Watch back in April. The booting took a whole hour but this was more for showcase than any other practical reason. Now this developer 3D printed a case that gets Android on your iPhone. Besides the Android OS, this case also has a boost converter, a battery, and a resistor. The case was revisioned once because initially it was too bulky and now it has HDMI and USB ports as well as a MicroSD card slot which hasn’t been in an iPhone for ages now.

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Apple iPhone 7 Tech Specs Release DateAll this is very impressive but what does it tell us? Well, it tells us that Apple is all about the business and nothing more. If a simple developer was able to get all of this running on an iPhone, why can’t Apple do something as simple as incorporate a MicroSD card slot? The answer is business as always. By not doing that, the tech company forces its users to pay more money for storage than they’re supposed to. The tech giant even got rid of the 32 GB storage option which is the most purchased on worldwide, forcing users to get 64 GB if they want some storage.

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Source: 9to5Mac

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