Android Nougat vs Android Marshmallow: What’s new?

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Android Nougat FeaturesAs more and more devices receive the Android Nougat update, users will want to know the improvements it brings over Android Marshmallow. Android Marshmallow was released in October 2015, while Android Nougat made its way in August 2016. Further, the latest iteration of Android Nougat, Android 7.1.1 was recently released.

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Android 7.0 Nougat brought numerous enhancements with it. The following article explores these improvements and compares them to what was available in Android Marshmallow. Note that most of the changes were not visual, although they significantly improved the performance and battery life of the devices.

Android Nougat Update

One major issue with the rollout of any Android update is that it takes ridiculously long for companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG to push the updates to their flagship devices. We hope that Android 7.1.1 Nougat will be a story with a better ending.

What’s new in Android Nougat?

Broadly speaking, Android N brings numerous smart features to the table. You get the ability to control your notifications and interact with them more freely. You also get better multi-tasking ability. Settings menu has been fine-tuned to display more information, while also making it easier to navigate through the menu.

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Android Nougat — Multi Window Support

Android Nougat 7 1 1

Samsung has been touting multi-window support for a long time now. The only problem was that only stock apps (and few third party apps) supported the feature. With Android Nougat, you get an OS-supported multi-window support.

This translates into two things. Firstly, you get support for most of the apps. And secondly, the feature is much more stable.

Android Nougat Multi WindowAll you have to do is fire up the recent menu and then drag one of the apps that you want to use in multi-windows mode to the top. You can also resize the app screen however you want.

In Android Nougat, being able to use two apps at the same time feels like a usable translation of the enormous amount of power all of us are carrying in our pockets.

Android Nougat — Notification Bar Toggles

Android Nougat Toggles

Finally, Google has added toggles in the notification menu to quickly switch on/off Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. This was a simple addition that has made a lot of users rejoice. In fact, rival companies have been offering this functionality for a very long time now.

Furthermore, these toggles can be customized. In Android Nougat, you can customize the toggles that you see when you pull down the notification bar. Google has also improved the quick settings menu – which is now customizable and visually more pleasing.

Android Nougat — Settings Menu Improvements

Android Nougat Settings Menu

One of the features to have gained the most enhancements in Android Nougat is the settings menu. Android Nougat now gives you suggestions about the setting at the top. Additionally, each sub-menu displays relevant information. For example, the battery sub-menu displays how much battery is remaining and how long it will last. This gives you a bird’s view of all your settings, without having to open individual menus.

Further, there is now a hamburger menu to the left top corner, which allows you to jump from one setting to another quickly. This little thing will make your navigation through the settings menu faster and more effective.

Android Nougat — Data Saver

Android Nougat Data Saver

This a handy little feature that significantly decreases the data being used in the background and foreground. The data settings can be changed on an individual app basis. Further, Android Nougat data saver can be toggled to switch on automatically towards the end of the month. This data saver functionality will allow the developers to make their apps such that they use much fewer data in the background.

Android Nougat — Night Mode

Android Nougat Night Mode

This is a feature that has been available through third party apps for a long time. To enable Night Mode on Android Nougat, you will have to long press the gear shaped icon till it spins. Under system UI tuner, you will be able to choose from numerous options. You will also be able to automate Night Mode to certain times of the day.

Night mode essentially lowers down the blue end of the light spectrum being emitted from the screen and increases the red tint. This enables you to get a more relaxed viewing experience without causing sleeping troubles.

Android Nougat — New Emojis

Android Nougat New Emojis

Google has added new emojis in the latest Android Nougat update. The added emojis include those which show women achieving professional success. Additionally, two-dad family emojis have also been added. Google is calling it ‘taking the equality conversation to emojis.’

These are just some of the many changes that Google has brought to Android smartphones through Android Nougat. To know more new features in Android Nougat, make sure to check back!