Android Nougat vs Android Marshmallow: 7 Things that are new in Android 7.0

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Google released the latest Android update a while ago. The latest Android update, Android Nougat, brings some new features and improvements to the table. Android 7.1.2 update is now available for various Nexus and Pixel devices.

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Android Nougat is also being rolled out by other OEMs for their devices. Android Nougat improves on Android Marshmallow in various aspects such as performance and versatility. Android Marshmallow rollout was delayed by some OEMs such as Samsung and HTC. Hopefully, Android Nougat rollout in 2017 will be faster.

In this article, we compare Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and Android 7.1.2 Nougat – both running on Nexus 6P. All of the changes mentioned in this list need not be visual, as Android Nougat improves a lot of things under the hood as well.


Android Nougat brings quite a lot of new features to the supported smartphones. Most notably, multi-window support for all phones and a much better notification center. You can now easily run two apps on the screen by just swiping a new app from the recent screen.

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The notification center is now more immersive and gives a much better control over the notifications. You can reply to specific notifications from an app, and even remove them one by one.

Another impressive new feature is ‘Instant Apps’. This enables the OS to install an app partly, to perform a specific function that’s been requested. For example, let’s say you want to buy a bag. You Google the product and tap on the link that redirects you to an e-com website.

To commence further, Android Nougat will install just a few web pages from the actual app, giving you access to more features and providing a much smoother experience while purchasing the item and scrolling through other options. For more details, watch the video below.

Multi Window Support in Android Nougat

With Android Nougat, Google brought to Android phones a feature that had been provided by Samsung for a long time. This feature is available on both smartphones and tablets. To access this feature on your Android phone running Nougat, all you have to do is swipe an app from the recents page to the top of the screen.

There is no doubt that this is a very welcome feature from all type of users – not only will this feature improve the multi-tasking ability of Android, it will also provide easy and powerful control over the apps.

Notification Bar Toggles

This cannot be termed a major improvement because many other OEMs have been providing this feature for a very long. Google has finally decided to add notification bar toggles for quick access to settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Previously, you had to swipe down twice or swipe down with two fingers to access any quick setting tile. In Android Nougat, one swipe would be enough to turn on/off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth quickly.

Doze on the go

One of the best features in Android Marshmallow was something called ‘Doze’. This was a feature that put your phone into deep sleep when it was sitting idle. This was hailed as an absolute game changer for battery life – showing improvement in battery life across all devices.

With Android Nougat, Google has improved Doze. Doze on Android Nougat is much more aggressive in killing power hungry apps. It also functions even when the phone is in your pocket, and you are on the move. Apps running in background gradually lose access to power hungry features of the phone, and Doze kills the apps that are consuming too much power while running in the background.

Doze is a wonderful battery saving functionality, and you will clearly see the difference when you install Android Nougat on your device.

Freeform Mode on Android Nougat

We have already mentioned Multi Window mode previously, but Freeform mode could be a game changer in mobile operating systems when it arrives.

Freeform mode on Android will let you access apps in a tabbed fashion and move the respective Windows around – just like you would do on Windows or MacOS. Multiple reports suggest that Freeform mode could arrive as a separate mode to Android Nougat, or with Android O.

Emergency Info on the lock screen

There is a new option in Android Nougat in the lock screen settings. You can now choose to display emergency information on the lock screen of your device.

With Android Nougat, you can add your medical information, or an alternate contact number or your name to the lock screen of your device. This can prove to be tremendously helpful in case of a medical emergency or if your phone is lost.

Seamless Updating Process

With Android Nougat, updating the firmware on your phone is going to be much straightforward process. In the previous versions of Android, you had to first download the update, and then after being notified, you tapped on the option to install the update.

The phone would then go into recovery mode and install the update. After rebooting a few times and optimizing the apps, the phone would do a final reboot and let you log in. With Nougat, this process will be made much simpler.

You will be notified only when the update is downloaded and ready to be installed. The installation will happen in the background when you are rebooting the phone – much like Windows and other desktop setups.

GIF Support

The stock Google keyboard now can send GIFs directly. You can search for the GIF you want, and insert it into the app from the keyboard itself.

Android Nougat brings numerous other visual and performance improvements. To see more amazing features in Android Nougat, check out this article.