After The Galaxy S4 Active, Sony Xperia Z Also Fails The Waterproof Claim

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Sony Xperia ZSony Xperia Z was one of the most successful flagships of this year and while the phone does come with a pretty strong spec sheet, the main selling point of this device was its waterproof nature. However, it seems that there are at least some faulty units out there that are a disappointment to this claim.

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If the latest report from Xperia Blog is to be believed, it seems that the glue which holds the back panel together has a tendency to separate when introduced to high temperatures. This means, that if the processor is stressed too much, the load causes it to release a considerable amount of heat, this heat would then melt the glue and will eventually cause the back panel to have a slight displacement from its original position.

This slight displacement is actually more than enough to make up a void space between the back panel and the rest of the phone body which causes the waterproof sealing to fail.

Sony Xperia ZTo make things worst, many Sony Xperia Z customers have confirmed that Sony is not going to honor the warranty, since there is no way of telling if the water damage was caused due to “manufacturing defect” or because of user’s fault by letting one or more flaps of the device remain open when it made contact with water.

As of now, there is no permanent solution to this problem, but some users are doing some temporary DIY techniques on their Sony Xperia Z phone to seal the gap between back panel and the rest of the phone by applying epoxy or glue externally.

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About a week ago, an unknown employee of AT&T also shook the whole tech world when he revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active warranty does not include water damages and there are actually a good amount of these devices which actually do fail when submerged in water.

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